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Camping & Event Facilities

In addition to hosting annual events for the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, Cauldron Farm hosts a number of private events for other organizations. For a small site fee, we offer this sacred space for others to use, for both religious and non-religious functions. Very small private gatherings of an expressly religious or spiritual nature, especially those lasting less than a day, are frequently hosted at no cost. Our site fee is $5 per person (including your staff) for the day, or $10 per person for the weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon). A flat fee can be negotiated, depending on the nature of your event. Special services may be extra.

If you are interested in renting the field for a weekend, please book early! By Midsummer we generally have no free weekends available for the rest of the season.

Our dedicated ritual field is roughly 60' x 120', surrounding a laid stone labyrinth, with a large fire pit. We offer primitive camping for around 80, with a latrine in the camping area. Our north field can park roughly 20 vehicles, provided they do not have low ground clearance, and there is free public parking a quarter mile away that guests can be shuttled to. There is no electricity, lighting or running water in field or camping area, but we will provide large jugs of drinking water upon request. There may or may not be a tarped area providing shelter from sun and rain. We provide trash and recycling bins, but you are responsible for cleaning up all gear and trash after your event. We also provide trash bags, toilet paper and a modest amount of firewood. That is all. We do not provide cabins, tents, food, cooking gear, flashlights, propane, bug repellent, daycare, security, first aid, transportation, entertainment, hot showers, flush toilets, coffee, alcohol, or laundry facilities.

The ritual field and camping area are a five-minute walk from the road, down a somewhat uneven and occasionally muddy path. The path is not wheelchair accessible, and may pose a problem to folks with other mobility impairments. No cars or RVs are permitted down this path, and you are responsible for bringing yourself and your gear to and from the site. Please plan and pack accordingly. We may have a tractor and/or electric vehicle that can bring people down to the field, but these are older vehicles and we cannot guarantee they will be operational at your event. For safety reasons, these vehicles are only operated by Cauldron Farm staff, and are not run after dark. Also, heavy mud or snow may make the path impassible for these vehicles. You are welcome to bring non-motorized carts of your own. Motorized vehicles must be inspected and approved by Cauldron Farm staff. You may bring draft animals, provided you care for them appropriately. Pets and other animals are welcome if they are leashed or otherwise contained and pose no hazard to our land, livestock, staff or wildlife. Children are welcome under most circumstances, provided they are supervised. You may not substantially alter the land in any way (digging holes or trenches, clearing large areas of brush, cutting trees or damaging their bark, harvesting wild plants, permanently modifying structures) without express permission from Raven or Bella. Leave the land as you found it. You may not hunt, trap, or forage without express permission and likely supervision from Bella.

If requested, we will give our guests as much privacy as possible. We only ask to informed of roughly what is going on and when, what facilities are going to be needed, and what equipment or supplies will be brought beyond the normal camping gear. We have no desire to be privy to your secret rituals or private personal interactions, and we are exceedingly unlikely to object to any spiritual, magical or recreational practices you might be engaged in. Unless the activity is clearly illegal, puts someone at significant and immanent risk of physical harm, or endangers any aspect of our land, you may do as you wish. Just be sure to clean up after yourself.

Please keep the weather in mind when planning an outdoor event. Spring is often rainy, summer buggy, autumn chilly, and winter consistently covered by three feet of snow. In general, we cannot offer a rain date for weekends. We strongly encourage guests to bring clothing and camping gear appropriate for a range of possible weather conditions. If some of your guests are coming from a distance and do not wish to camp, there are a number of hotels in the surrounding towns listed here. There are grocery stores and a Walmart ten to fifteen miles away in Gardner, if you discover you need something more during your stay.

Please contact Raven at 978-928-4198 or cauldronfarm@hotmail.com for further information or availability of dates. You are encouraged to come by and see our space to ensure it suits your needs before booking your event.

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