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the barn at Cauldron Farm

Nestled in the shadow of Mount Wachusett in central Massachusetts, Cauldron Farm is an organic pagan-owned farm and homestead on 18 acres of densely wooded swamp. We (Raven, Bella, Jess, Josh, Elizabeth, and various and sundry other visitors/family/animals) run this place on very little money and a whole lot of love and faith. We keep goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits. We experiment with alternative energy; and host retreats. We are activists for the transgender and intersex communities. We do handcrafts of various kinds, and make pagan prayer beads.

Cauldron Farm hosts several retreats every year for various groups. We have a large ritual field out back with a laid stone labyrinth, a large fire pit, and primitive camping for around 80. Folks are welcome to visit or take spiritual retreat here, but please call first. Larger groups and non-religious events are asked a small site fee and should book at least two months in advance.

Cauldron Farm is the centerpoint of the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, an eclectic neo-pagan group that holds regular open ceremonies and rituals in central Massachusetts. We also run Asphodel Press, a publishing collective for small-market pagan books and religious devotionals.

Cauldron Farm Fundraiser:

Composting Toilet for Campers!

Having long ago retired our "pee-pee teepee" in favor of a more conventional outhouse, we are looking to once again improve the potty experience for our camping guests. Building a composting toilet seemed like the most sensible and ecological choice, but the local Board of Health requires we purchase a prefab unit from a short list of "approved products". These state-approved toilets are substantially more expensive than our initial plan.

We have $1500 towards this goal already, and we are seeking an additional $1300 in contributions to make this potty-dream a reality.

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